Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Gracious Cloud"

Great service from North Kaludah!! Christine sent through some photos of Cloud beautifully presented by Jeremy before she came home after her breaking-top-up. She's working very kindly indeed!

Rockstar in Aiken,

Rocco was supposed to have a Preliminary (1*)run at Pine Top Advanced Winter Horse Trials last Saturday, but it snowed. The dressage couldn't start in the morning so Kate and two students, Kaden Weaver (back from Christmas in Oz) and Brittany Meyer, went for a bareback ride in the snow. Looks cold! The event went ahead on Saturday afternoon and Sunday, but the re-scheduling put Rocco back to the next event in a fortnight!
Not yet sure how Rocco came to be renamed Rockstar; probably because he enjoys playing to the crowds!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Jeremy brought Cloud home alone in the truck; her first solo issues. SHe checked out the back paddock on her own and then I let the other 3 in to meet up. After some quiet chat she took Laddie and Paeon for a few laps of the dam before coming back for a quiet drink near me and the dogs.Happily back with her mob.
Laddie had some memories of "stallion status" but as nothing's happening he settled quickly.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Breaking Cloud!

Cloud back in work with Jeremy Janjic, progressing from her preliminary three weeks of handling/breaking. This would be her third week of being ridden; after 2 weeks she was moving freely forward in all paces; this third week has shown a noticeable consolidation of her understanding of the aids; she's more forward moving, into the bridle and more adjustable with her paces. Still a baby, she can come home next week to grow into her physical frame some more and "think" about what she's learnt. This really seems to work well with the Saddlebreds; sfter a few months off they go back to work physically stronger, without having forgotten anything they've learnt, and ready to progress further in their training.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bloomsbury's Mai Ssandro

News of Ssandro, brother to Maybellene:

Paula Hamood has advertised him for sale in the February version of Horse Deals; now 6yrs old he looks physically mature and is advertised as a dressage prospect + currently jumping 1.20metres.