Sunday, January 3, 2016

Three Canyonleigh belles

At the beginning of November 2014, I welcomed three mares from Canyonleigh Stud, as the Jenkins family wound up their parents' estate: 14 y.o. C. Irresistible ("Billy"), 10 y.o. C. Apple Bobbin ("Bobbi") and 6y.o. C. Bellissimo ("Belles")... the last foal bred by Canyonleigh Stud, and orphaned at 4 months with the paddock death of her dam C. Memphis Belle.

They arrived by truck at Nic Chipperfield's Windella Downs property where they were to be agisted.
Many thanks to Nic for her support, and the use of her yards and facilities, where I handled them daily throughout my holidays and weekends.
Billy had been well schooled by stud manager Mark Gee and his daughter CLaire, and had a couple of endurance rides under her belt. She hadn't forgotten a thing, loved getting a job again, though she was a bit fraught at being separated from her mates who she had run with in a mob for most of her life.
Belles and Bobbi were unbroken, and had only basic handling.

Billie (rugged) with Belles above;
Bobbi and Billie enjoying Windella paddock life before coming in to work separately.

All three Bs have the Saddlebred characteristics of loving learning, and having a job to do.
It has been incredibly rewarding to witness the turn-around of 10y.o Bobbi, particularly, who appeared as an Alpha mare in the paddock and has settled to become so trusting and confident in her work. Jeremy Janjic took his time with her at the start, not confronting her, but allowing her time to acclimatise to all the workings of a busy working farm. She has since caught up to young Belles, as she has the physical maturity and strength to respond immediately to Jeremy's training. 
Billy has already found herself a partner, with Michelle Wein on the Central Coast.
Bobbi and Belles are now set for their own partnerships and adventures.

Lovely mares! 
All by Canyonleigh Big Shot; Billy out of C. Sincerely Yours ("Precious"), Bobbi from C. Apple Rose Legacy (full sister to C. Memphis Belle, dam of my Maybellene) and Belles from C. Memphis Belle, a full sister to the Ginja Ninja, C. Victorious.

Bloomsbury's Jack Flash

By Sandhill's Staccato, No. 1 Eventing sire, to Canyonleigh Gracious Cloud: on November 19, 2014: with jumping genes on both sides, he managed to jump into the fence (electric + wire) before he even had his first drink! Great opportunity to bond (Not!!) as I extricated him! and he has since proved to have a great eye for a jump and springs in his legs!!
Long legs and huge joints to grow into!
He experienced his first Flash Flood at just 2 weeks old, and his first year was a WET one!!

Mischievous in the paddock, he responded well to leading lessons from Caron; Sane and thoughtful!
Weaned at 8months in July, he only stayed in the newly lined stable for two nights before being allowed out with his mates. Seemed safer than allowing him to stand on his hind legs with front feet on the front mesh!
At 1 year old, he's as tall as two year old Gatsby and 14 yr old Victor, and tough and sensible enough to play with Gatsby under the watchful eye of Uncle Victor!

B.Sir Galahad - Eventer

Stepped up to EVA 95 at Tamworth International at AELEC in August; led after the dressage with a super 80.2% (best on ground!) but had 2 rails with his first indoor s-j to finish in 7th place;
Next Camden Equestriad in September, where he missed a "skinny" on x-c and dropped to 20th.
Back to Scone Spring ODE for a 3rd place after a rail in the s-j.
Off to "Lynton", Goulburn for the State Championships at EVA95 in October, and another 3rd place after a s-j rail.
Stepped up to EVA60 at Equestriad Camden, in April; very relaxed being part of the team at the truck, but was distracted in the showjumping to get a couple of rails and place 6th.
Won from the dressage At Denman EVA 60 in June with another score of 79.23%; 
Another EVA 60 at SIEC in July, saw him 2nd after the dressage then had one s-j rail to finish 5th.
Laddie had his first Eventing start at Newcomers (EVA 45) at Scone ODE in March 2015; led from the dressage with 79.23% and clear x-c and s-j, to win his first rug at his first event.

Finished the year at EVA95 at the beautiful Wallaby Hills Farm 3DE at the beginning of December; His best dressage test, to lead with 75.2%, clear s-j with some careful 'time', but had a naughty miss coming out of the on x-c, to pick up 20 ppts and drop to 15th.
What a Super start to an eventing career, thanks to Craig Barrett! He learnt to Jump and Gallop, and grew at least One Hand, finishing a hardened athlete, doing a job he loves! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Canyonleigh Olympic Chaser, "Harry", 2014

Harry progressed with his dressage training, indoors at Anambah at the beginning of 2014.
He had some fun working with Kim Peterson, in acclimatising to a range of unusual stimuli in Working Equitation clinics; quick to learn.
Towards the end of the year he started training with Craig Barrett to see if he has inherited the jumping "eye'' and talent of his relatives.
After an end of year break, he happily floated off to 'Sandhills' to progress his training into 2015.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Laddie's stepping up

Back to work after a four month break, Laddie is Bigger, stronger, and ready
to progress his training. Learning to leg yield to the left, then the right,
and reach into the canter.

Harry gets to work

C. Olympic Chaser ("Harry") happily back to work with Jeremy Janjic
of Janjic Performance Horses.

Gatsby, at 7 weeks

Bloomsbury's The Great Gatsby, at 7 weeks old
Quite a self-possessed young colt; exercises diligently two or three times a day, yet enjoys coming up for his favourite scratches!