Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bloomsbury's Jack Flash

By Sandhill's Staccato, No. 1 Eventing sire, to Canyonleigh Gracious Cloud: on November 19, 2014: with jumping genes on both sides, he managed to jump into the fence (electric + wire) before he even had his first drink! Great opportunity to bond (Not!!) as I extricated him! and he has since proved to have a great eye for a jump and springs in his legs!!
Long legs and huge joints to grow into!
He experienced his first Flash Flood at just 2 weeks old, and his first year was a WET one!!

Mischievous in the paddock, he responded well to leading lessons from Caron; Sane and thoughtful!
Weaned at 8months in July, he only stayed in the newly lined stable for two nights before being allowed out with his mates. Seemed safer than allowing him to stand on his hind legs with front feet on the front mesh!
At 1 year old, he's as tall as two year old Gatsby and 14 yr old Victor, and tough and sensible enough to play with Gatsby under the watchful eye of Uncle Victor!

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