Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gatsby at One Month

Bloomsbury's The Great Gatsby
a proper, spunky, gentleman
at almost one month old.
Maybellene is doing such a great job of teaching him; she allows him to explore and extend his boundaries, stretch his comfort levels, and has great timing in stepping in and bringing him in to line if he looks like he's gettiing too full of himself, or a bit thoughtless.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Managing the wet!

Moved Maybellene and B. The Great Gatsy(!!) to the lower paddock so that M. could use the stable in the threatening lightning storm. She introduced him to it, but when the rain came down, about 1:30pm, all the horses ran into the clear to stay close to each other, backs to the wind.
Didn't put the little bloke off his feed though! Just gave him an excuse to go for a "burn" to dry off, and check out all his paces!

Girls in waiting; October-November

Cloud due Oct 27, Maybellene Nov 4

New Arrival: a colt to Bloomsbury's Maybellene & Brae Galaxy

Born at 3:45 am, he's very upright and alert.
Shown here at 4 hours old.
Full brother to Bloombury's Sir Galahad.
The red bay is a throw back to Maybellene's dam, Canyonleigh Memphis Belle, with an extra gold factor from chestnut Brae Galaxy!
Didn't stop drinking, to lie down for a rest, for 7 hours, at which time M. had a break and her udder was able to build up a bit of a reserve!!
Lightning storm-deluge on Sunday night; Monday was warm and dry and he arrived on Tuesday morning, in the dry. M is taking great care to keep him on the "up" side of the paddock, away from the wet and the bog! Clever girl!!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Ginga Ninja suppling

Kerry has Victor bending around her leg, now strong enough and understanding the connection between leg and rein aids as she develops the lateral movements, walk pirouette, and develops the movements from Elementary into the Medium level on the Training Scale.
Very happy chappies!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Talented pupil!

Laddie is just lapping up his lessons. I hadn't seen him for10 days, and in that time he has developed quite some mastery of his lessons! He's carrying himself in a very relaxed frame, collecting/shortening his frame in a much slower tempo at both trot and canter. Jeremy tried him in a new bit yesterday, a loose ring snaffle, and he was very light in the contact and offered to take the rein lower and maintain loose contact on 20metre trot circles as required for Prelim (Level 2) tests...then re-took the contact to move into more lengthened paces.
Leg-yielding is developing nicely, even at the canter.

Today...huge progress from even yesterday!! Jeremy just asking to maintain rhythm but slowed the tempo even further, and he continues to spring lightly off the ground with active hind leg, showing Huge suspension  AND offering some Passage and even Piaffe steps!! Wow!! Not deliberately asking for these, but he's Offering them!!! So exciting!! Collecting the canter..dropped back to trot, but maintained activity; you can see him developing strength in/for self-carriage.

On Friday, I'm told. the rain was coming in horizontally down one side of the arena and he was loathe to move off Jeremy's leg to yield right to the (rainy) boundary. So he threw in some flying changes, moving off the rider's leg, first one way, then the other, a number of times. No loss of balance, but just super clean changes....Just Offering!!

He just loves to get it right; super calm with his "good boy" praise from the rider...Then he Expects 2 carrots after shower and rugs!! Very pleased with himself!!

Friday, June 21, 2013


                                            Another growth spurt and he's changing shape!
                              Just when he thickens into a chunky frame, he goes "up again".
         Top Cat, Ssandro and Rocco all did the same, but I still can't anticipate the mature height!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Autumn update with Galahad

May 18; he's growing taller, more flexible with the work, and more powerful
as Jeremy progresses his training

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Laddie is really starting to accelerate his progress.
He has always shown the ability to maintain a consistent rhythmic pace, ad infinitum, but did tend to just 'switch off' and 'carry on regardless'! He now has the muscle and is developing the concentration powers to work consistently off Jeremy's aids.
Last Wednesday he was showing a shortened frame, punching some energy into his transitions between paces. Just three days later, he is flexing off the rider's leg, and showing supple transitions in small circles and figures of eight.
Exciting stuff!! He's got the Saddlebred 'willingness to please' and desire to 'get it right'.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Victor at Salt Ash

                                          Alexander Park Dressage competition; Novice 2A, 2B

Friday, February 15, 2013

Working Lad

Bloomsbury's Sir Galahad, ("Laddie"); Sire Brae Galaxy (Gullit x Bellona (Biathlon))
                                       Dam: Bloomsbury's Maybellene (Richmeed Medallion x C. Memphis Belle)
Starting some serious training at 4y.o; Just 4 weeks in work after a year long break to grow, after his initial breaking. He's loving being the work with Jeremy, and showing some lovely paces to be developed.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Top three photos are of Victor and Kerry training for their first outing for 2013;(photos courtesy of Liz Joyes). Some lengthened and working canter and some leg-yielding from the centre-line.The event was the Hunter Valley Dressage Association's competition on Sunday; a wet day with temperatures in the mid 20s, only two days after a record heatwave on the Friday. It rained steadily throughout Victo'rs tests, but he didn't pay any attention..just concentrated on Kerry's "asks". A flawless run through the 2B for a 4th placing (with a disappointing 54%!), followed by a flowing 2A with a couple of little hiccups (threw in a couple of unasked flying changes..) for a solid 62.5% and a 6th place.
Very chuffed!!