Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Top three photos are of Victor and Kerry training for their first outing for 2013;(photos courtesy of Liz Joyes). Some lengthened and working canter and some leg-yielding from the centre-line.The event was the Hunter Valley Dressage Association's competition on Sunday; a wet day with temperatures in the mid 20s, only two days after a record heatwave on the Friday. It rained steadily throughout Victo'rs tests, but he didn't pay any attention..just concentrated on Kerry's "asks". A flawless run through the 2B for a 4th placing (with a disappointing 54%!), followed by a flowing 2A with a couple of little hiccups (threw in a couple of unasked flying changes..) for a solid 62.5% and a 6th place.
Very chuffed!!

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