Sunday, January 3, 2016

B.Sir Galahad - Eventer

Stepped up to EVA 95 at Tamworth International at AELEC in August; led after the dressage with a super 80.2% (best on ground!) but had 2 rails with his first indoor s-j to finish in 7th place;
Next Camden Equestriad in September, where he missed a "skinny" on x-c and dropped to 20th.
Back to Scone Spring ODE for a 3rd place after a rail in the s-j.
Off to "Lynton", Goulburn for the State Championships at EVA95 in October, and another 3rd place after a s-j rail.
Stepped up to EVA60 at Equestriad Camden, in April; very relaxed being part of the team at the truck, but was distracted in the showjumping to get a couple of rails and place 6th.
Won from the dressage At Denman EVA 60 in June with another score of 79.23%; 
Another EVA 60 at SIEC in July, saw him 2nd after the dressage then had one s-j rail to finish 5th.
Laddie had his first Eventing start at Newcomers (EVA 45) at Scone ODE in March 2015; led from the dressage with 79.23% and clear x-c and s-j, to win his first rug at his first event.

Finished the year at EVA95 at the beautiful Wallaby Hills Farm 3DE at the beginning of December; His best dressage test, to lead with 75.2%, clear s-j with some careful 'time', but had a naughty miss coming out of the on x-c, to pick up 20 ppts and drop to 15th.
What a Super start to an eventing career, thanks to Craig Barrett! He learnt to Jump and Gallop, and grew at least One Hand, finishing a hardened athlete, doing a job he loves! 

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