Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wins to Maybellene!!

My photo's very ordinary; bumped the camera to the wrong setting. Hope Jeremy got some better ones to show later.
What a day! Maybellene had her first trip in a truck to Singleton Dressage club's competition at Singleton Showground this morning, along with two of Jeremy's youngsters. Just Preparatory tests to give her the experience of competition, and she handled it like a trooper!!
Was first on at 8am in the Prep 2; scored 70% and led from start to finish. very smooth, finished 6.5 points ahead of 2nd place. Stevie-Jade Shakoff then rode two tests on each of Kaludah Gosh and K. Glitter before saddling up Maybellene at 2pm for the Prep 3. Very smooth, just as businesslike as in the morning, except where she jumped the scorch marks from a little fire on the serpentine-line ( a little "lack of submission", but she went straight back to work after the hiccup). This was the 3rd last test of the competition and she scored 63.5% for another WIN, 2 points ahead of her rivals.
She handled the eraly morning start, leaving home at 6:20am and being ridden before breakfast, as well as the hot windy midday climate change 29 degrees and 'blowy'. As Jeremy says, she works in all weathers at home, so it really proves the benefit of sound training.
Stevie said she worked just like at home, and really seemed to enjoy the competition situation. She didn't bat an eyelid at the other horses or the unfamiliar surrounds of trucks, arenas, grandstands, etcetera.
Many thanks to Jem and Stevie for giving Maybellene such a confident start.


  1. Great news Marg. That certainly is an impressive debut. Abig day out indeed! Paul

  2. I'm inclined to give her a break and bring her home to "let her grow out" a bit, as I have with the other youngsters, but she's so settled in her work that I'm persuaded to keep her going while she's learning so eagerly!
    Another learning experience for me!