Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Genuine Sporthorse

Paeon had a dressage workout this morning, then doubled up this evening to have his last show-jumping session in preparatiion for his first "Newcomers" event this weekend at Wingham.
He has grown in stature and confidemce with this stint in work and coped very well with his indoor jumping rounds. Heath kept putting the rails up...and he kept jumping them, without 'batting an eyelid".
A genuine sporthorse! He will make a great partner for a keen young rider or smaller adult!.

Shown here waiting for his next round; 4 young riders were schooling in this session, with Heath leading the way on his young 5 year old stallion Prestige ("Percy". I filmed some good video clips but they're too big in size to post!! I'll have to learn about compressing files!!

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