Friday, November 19, 2010


Heard from Lisa today. She was doing some x-country training with Rocco in the woods adjoining the barn. Sighted a couple of foxes and a six-point stag!!! Sounds very wintry/other-worldly/Christmassy. Rocco's had a clip and is the proud owner of a multitude of layers of rugs. High maintenance, she says, but worth it!!
He'll do some jumping, indoors, over winter, and may head south for some warmer weather!!

At home, we've had more than 3 inches (67ml) of rain over 2 days, 35 degree temperatures, the humidity is still >>100%, and the horses are taking every advantage of the running wet. The watercourse off the hill runs through their paddocks, so they get to experience the wet along with snake-necked turtles, and a variety of ducks which arrive to check out the newly flush dam.
Laddie followed his mum with a swim in the dam surrounds at dusk!!

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