Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hunter Valley Dressage Comp

Megan took Maybellene out for her third competition this morning, riding 3 tests: Prelim 1B, and then two Novice tests 2A and 2B. They settled into their work as the day progressed with scores up to 60%. Didn't quite crack the big 6-O, but rated the comment "quality horse, not yet working; Huge Potential".
The third test was the most workmanlike, as Megan gained confidence and relaxed a bit with Jeremy 'calling' on the sidelines.
Maybellene was really hitting her straps and would probably have gone 'one more round'; it's a learning experience for all concerned as we (Christine, Megan,Jeremy,Maybellene and I) get to know her work habits and application.

Typical subjective 'stuff': the Prelim test was first at 8:30a.m. and Megan was primed to the minute. The rider before her didn't show, so another "reserve lister" took the spot; then the missing rider appeared and 'pushed in' to Megan's spot. By the time she got to ride, the "rude" judge let fly at the 'young rider' about her "lateness", even though she explained she'd been ready-to-go well on time...and penalised her through his scoring!
A tough start to the day. Happens all the time; got to be resilient in all sports/all spheres these days.

Di and Tony Stanley were there with Colonial Hot and Handsome (sired by Brae Galaxy, Laddie's dad) winning the Inter 11 ridden by Jessica Willard. Two other Colonial Park horses peformed well also.

The competition was HOt, Hot, Hot, at all levels, with the top score at 2A of 77%, and 2B at 69% enabling fields of more than 30 horses to receive competition experience and feedback from the judges.

Big week for North Kaludah: Megan, Alex and Georgia at Anambah today (HVDA), Megan , Jeremy and Christine off to Cobbitty for the Friesian Kuring with Django and Jacana tomorrow, then down to Melbourne on Monday with Jazzsong and Django for D&JWTS.

Alex, Georgia and their Dad holding the fort with Lisa....and Maybellene and the rest of the crew!!

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