Monday, May 28, 2012

Victor third ride back in work since New Year; Kerry's first ride in a Year.
Both look comfortable and glad to be in work!


  1. Hi Margaret thanks for your info on victor I'm very interested in him!

  2. I'll update photos to show you how he progresses with his training. If it doesn't rain, next Saturday should be a possible post.

  3. Ok thnx for that. Could u please outline exactly what training he is getting? Also would u be training him in jumping at any stage? Judy

  4. Kerry has just taken on the ride. She's trained her (recently deceased) horse to Prix St George level, and has a young one in the wings not quite ready to be broken in. So the idea is for her to get riding fit again and also school Victor according to his experience level, in rehearsal for working with her own youngster. So, under Jeremy Janjic's guidance (my breaker/trainer/FEI dressage rider)Victor is being prepared for his first Dressage competition; a couple of Preliminary level tests within the next month or so. Schooling working from the rider's legs into the hand ("on the bit") smooth walk-trot-canter transitions, working on 20metre circles, developing some flexion from the rider's leg aids and leg-yielding.
    He'll probably be very saleable at that stage.
    If he's not sold, I would then organise a bit of jump training, with some jump club outings and perhaps a couple of baby One Day Events...probably towards November.

    No photos this weekend; Kerry riding tomorrow and I'll be away at a competition!