Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Learning the alphabet

Victor is back to work on the flat with Kerry Sullivan. Lovely to watch his confidence and athleticism develop. He's just thriving on the dressage training ladder under Jeremy's watchful eye and direction.
The exercises  working off the leg, shoulder-in, renvers, travers, leg-yielding, half-pass are improving his strength off his quarters and his flexibility, and he is becoming more able to give an immediate response. Brain/understanding and muscle strength are developing to allow him to confidently react to the slightest indication of an aid.
Today he was extending his understanding of the rider's aids as he worked on the turn on the haunches, establishing a good marching pace as he begins to sit on his haunches. Then Kerry asked for canter from a standstill and return to a walk, or halt. He's really developing an understanding of the response required for increasingly refined aids.
He is so chuffed to get a pat when he gets it right! Really works for his pats!!

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