Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Training news

Looks like Cloud ("C. Gracious Cloud", By Canyonleigh Cloudchaser from C. Amazing Grace) has well and truly reached the stage, at 2-and-a-half, for a visit to the breaker. Up until now, she's been content to grow contentedly in the paddock with the mob. She's taken to the role of weanling-nanny with remarkable aplomb, very capably shielding young Galahad from potential rough and tumble from 3-year-old "Pan", but now she's looking to make something else happen!

She learnt from Maybellene to swing the yard gate just after dawn so that I'd hear the "creaks" and emerge from the house for the morning feed. When I clipped the gate closed she found that she could swing a lead rope hanging on another gate so that the metal clip makes a very effect clank...endlessly. If I don't appear quickly enough she'll meander up to the dog yard to stir a bit of reaction from the dogs. This morning's addition to the repertoire is to appear outside my bedroom window and 'stand on tiptoes' to reach across the electric fence and nuzzle the flyscreen on my window!! What next?

I'll bring Pan home from North Kaludah at the end of September to mind Laddie and pack Cloud off to breaker Jeremy Janjic to give her something more to engage the brain.

I hope fence, flyscreen etc. can withstand her attentions till then.

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  1. Such attention seeking behaviour reminds me of a young lad in my Year X1 English class. Reading a novel in class today, it wasn't yet his turn, so he plugged in pink-lead-earplugs to his i-Pod and turned up the volume.(Too visible to be 'ignored'!) 3 subtle warnings from me to no avail, so I interrupted his reading classmate and confiscated said i-pod for return at end of lesson! Accepted. Student returned to seat, reader re-commenced; in full swing, out come "jumper leads" to recharge mobile phone!! Not to be ignored! Upping the ante!! Phone confiscated..for return at end of school day. Complete shutdown; Tantrum! Student taken from classroom...will probably be suspended for a couple of days to learn that "actions have consequences".
    I wish he'd learnt this at 2-and-a-half!!
    I hope I make a better job with Cloud!