Thursday, January 14, 2010

Season start 2010

The two girls went off to North Kaludah this afternoon, back to work after a break. Cloud's off for a few weeks' top-up after initial 'breaking' to saddle and time out to grow a couple more inches. Maybellene is looking even more 'substantial' than before and it will be interesting to see how her paces are developing for dressage and whether she has an eye for the jumps. Farrier, Kris Geddes, and Dentist, Joe Raines, timed their services beautifully, so they should be prepared to put their best feet forward, so to speak.
Jeremy Janjic and Megan Riley drove up to collect them in the truck and they were so excited to go! Bit of a competition to see who could get on first.
I whistled them up in the paddock and they came galloping up to see what was going on. (It wasn't yet dinner time!!) Clipped up the leads to the headstalls I'd put on in readiness earlier in the day and they were off! Must have taken five minutes to collect and load!! A record???

I was torn between varying emotions. Proud that they were so amenable to leaving home and going back to work; they know Jeremy and Megan well! Laughing at their eagerness to get onto that truck! and like a Mum with kids back to school, already missing them when they're not at home.
Gracie was bereft for a moment, but is now allowed to talk over the fence to the boys; she quickly let Galahad know she's in foal and not interested in him, so hopefully she'll enjoy not having to compete for the shelter of the stable whenever she wants to go indoors!
I'll try to get before and after photos this time!

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