Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vet top-up

To start the year, Joe Raines checked all teeth.

Cloud, almost 3 yrold, lost two caps top and bottom and had wolf teeth removed 0n top; next check in 6 months as she's losing more baby teeth.

Paeon, 4 y.o., (shown here at first treatment losing wolf teeth as a 2 y.o.) needed 'balancing; and sharp edges filed and 'rounded'.

Maybellene, 5y.o, needed front teeth filed to balance back teeth, and edges rounded as annual routine maintenance.

Gracie, 23 y.o. and pregnant, will need to wait till after foaling to have her sedative and teeth rasped,k so as not to be stress affected.

Big news; Laddie met the Vet, Peter Tabak, and 'lost his manhood'! No suitable owner presented for a young colt at this stage, so he now has the opportunity to pursue his athletic career without being distracted by his sexuality!!.

He's recovering well, and doesn't appear to be blaming me for his discomfort, thank goodness!

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