Saturday, August 14, 2010

spring-ish outlook

Last weekend didn't quite go to plan! Emma's truck was out of commission due to the hydraulics on the rear door failing! She got home from Alex Park with the help of a crew of muscular lads, but had to send the truck off for transport space was at a premium and Paeon didn't get to jump club on the Sunday. ...Which meant I didn't miss seeing him while I was off at Clarendon getting a judge's eye view (whilst pencilling!) of some very classy horses coming through at Medium level. The Inter 1 was in the adjoining arena so there were more horses to impress, there. Great to follow a few from the Hunter Valley, also! Emma has 2 horses at Pre-Novice/Prelim level at Silver Hills ODE this weekend but Paeon and her other youngster, Jimmy ("Don J'Ame") hope to get some dry x-country going over the next couple of weeks in preparation for Wingham ODE(September 5). At home the sun allowed Cloud and Laddie the opportunity to shed their rugs, and catch up with Gracie. Laddie shown investigating pot(18 months); Cloud (3 and a half) I tried to get some video footage; will try to post some!

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