Friday, August 6, 2010

Maybellene update

Went to North Kaludah this morning to see how Maybellene was progressing.
The HUGE NEWS is that rider Christine Crawford has accepted a huge opportunity to travel to Holland and work for 3 months with World Dressage champion Anky Van Grusven and her partner Sjef Janssen!!

Sooo.... Partner Jermemy Janjic is "holding the fort" back home!!
He's had to work for 3 weeks on reframing Maybellene from a porky paddock ornament after 8 weeks at home (she really must have been hogging the feed, which I didn't recognise under her winter rugs!!) to something resembling the athlete who came home to allow Paeon his chance to get back to work.

Anyway, today Maybellene looks to be back in good working form, trimmer, fitter and able to exstend herself. Much fitter, as shown.

Over at Heatherbrae, Emma Armstrong is preparing to take Paeon out to jump club at Mangrove Mountain on the Central Coast tomorrow, for a couple of show-jumping rounds to round off his stint "in work".
I won't be able to see him as I'm off to Clarendon to the dressage day!!
Will probably bring Pan home, mid-week, to think over his experience, and grow a little more.

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