Saturday, July 31, 2010


The rain set in at home about 4am so I had my doubts about Paeon's first dressage start eventuating, cancellation, so I drove to the coast and into sunshine!
Emma had arrived at 7am to unload and prepare four horses, and was first on with Olivia Bunn's young horse at 8:30. Paoen had his start in the Preparatory 4 (walk-Trot)at 9:45 and he was just as steady "out" as at home. Needed to ride some straight lines between funny red cones and white polypipe dressage rings to get his bearings, but when he got into the ring he was very accurate and attentive. 62% and second: a red ribbon debut!! We were stoked!!
About half an hour later he presented for the Preliminary 1C test, which Emma had ridden once before on him, requiring canter srike-offs on the marks and transitions to trot on the cantre line, mid-circle. Perfect! And medium walk, on a loose rein stretching down into the bridle (he looked up and out to the highway before reaching down...but scored a 7/10) and then a trot circle, with 'allowing free reach into the bridle off the centre line'..another 7/10.
He didn't place in this, more experienced company, but acquitted himself very well for 55%.
He was unflappable!! and had a great day, yarded alongside his mates.
He loved it!
Emma had 3 other wins with very classy warmbloods; Paeon looked very fine and elegant by comparison!

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