Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back to work

Maybellene went back to North Kaludah on Saturday and will start back with Christine Crawford this week.
Paeon immediately moved into number 1 position in the food queue, but he didn't put himself in a position where he'd have to contend with any of the others; he just got to the gate, and then the first feed bin, way ahead of the others, anticipating my feeding time. No-one's desperately hungry, so there doesn't have to be a fight over food...and once he was in the lead Gracie wasn't fussed about exerting her authority.
Paeon's a very thoughtful young horse, not just reactive, but planning a change of procedure from one day to the next!! Quite unusual!
Then I drove Paeon back to Heatherbrae today and Emma hopped on for a ride straightaway. He didn't bat an eyelid and went straight back to work, progressing from where he'd left off some 2-and-a-half weeks ago. It was as if the break had allowed him to consolidate his understanding of the previous work and look forward to the next stage. He LOVED getting back to work! The last few days I've felt quite guilty to see him standing in the paddock as if bored with the young ones, asking for me to do something with him: maybe he was sick of the wet weather, too!!
Emma asked him for some flexion on circles at the walk, shoulder-in and stepping-under/crossing-over with the inside hind, away from her inside leg; immediate response and relaxed, big strides! then steadily/elegantly forward into the trot and canter work.
All this in the indoor arena alongside 6 other horses (including 3 stallions), perfectly steady, as if he'd been doing it all his life!!
As Emma said, "you couldn't ask for anything better!"
Two working pupils then gave him a shampoo and massage before returning him to his paddock.
Next step..his first dressage outing at Alexander Park in a couple of weeks...then maybe Wagga for his first event.

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