Thursday, July 22, 2010

Support crew - Canine

With Maybellene back at work with Jeremy, needing to lose some "condition" to regain her prime athletic form,
Paeon getting set for a jump club training day with Emma next weekend
and self back to the chalkface (aka "Smartboard") at school,
it seems timely to post photos of the home support crew.

George the Airedale, Steffi the Schnauzer, and Rupert the Cairn terrier are the backbone of the crew...responsible for signalling the alert if there's any untoward activity on the property,
worrying the mice around the horse feed to death, (or drowning them in saliva if caught)
keeping snakes away by thundering up and down the fence lines,
greeting feed deliveries with endless delight
and generally maintaining an inexhaustibly happy demeanour.

How could horses or people be anything but cheerful with this crew around!!

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