Saturday, July 24, 2010

"In the deep end"

Paeon had his first cross-country lesson today!
It's been so wet that the practice paddock has been out of bounds for some time, as the ground will get too pock-marked and is too slippery to introduce youngsters successfully to unfamiliar jumps, but today Emma found some shower-free time to introduce him to the wide open spaces and a few "Asks". First the bank, then a steep mound, then the water!!
She'd ridden him here about a month ago when she gave a lesson to a student from horseback and he was very steady; today he was on his own..which was a new experience. Coped with the bank, mound, ditch, fine. He took a LOT of pursuading to enter the water, but once he'd got his toes wet, it was as if there had been "no issue". What's all the fuss about?? He happily pottered about in the water as if there was nothing to it!!!
It'll be interesting to see what he does next time!!

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