Sunday, January 23, 2011

Breaking news!!

Laddie had his first adult lesson today. Jeremy brought the truck to collect him to transport for breaking in.
We loaded grande dame Gracie first to show him what to do and to be company on his first road trip, but he didn't take the hint as easily as my purebred youngsters have. I think, on reflection, that they are more 'visual learners'; show them something and they've instantly got their heads around it and just 'do it'!
Laddie looks but he doesn't automatically copy; he'll try another way first.
So I think he's a more Kinaesthetic learner: he had to resist first,learn that his resistance got him nowhere+ discomfort(!), be convinced he HAD to follow Gracie onto the truck,..knock the lip of the tray with one foot, then the other, then try a trip up the step, and eventually get all four feet on the tray and decide it looked like a stable he could go into with no qualms.

Jeremy has strength, great timing (pressure/release)..and endless patience. He allowed Laddie to finally figure it out for himself and work out it wasn't so bad after all...and he got lots of praise and didn't 'lose face'!.

Gracie stood like a rock, throughout.

Laddie is a big, strong, 2 year old. He's at exactly the right stage to be introduced to a challenge to occupy the brain and begin to develop his athleticism.

Photos show B. Sir Galahad (aka Laddie) checking out visitor C. Kentucky Rose, with C. Amazing Grace keeping a close eye on activities.

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