Monday, January 3, 2011

Home bird

This post is especially for my northern hemisphere friends, feeding red-breasted robins in the snow.
Here, I give a daily feed supplement to the local wild birds; not enough that they depend on my service, but enough to encourage them to drop by. I can then enjoy a range of visitors according to the season.
(The local produce store says that "Wild Bird Seed" is their best seller, so I'm not the only one to enjoy their presence!)

At the moment, the sulphur crested cockatoos and King parrots (Green with brilliant red heads and fronts) have moved on and the Corellas have arrived. Galahs (grey and pink) and doves are present all year round, as are magpies, peewees, Butcher birds, Honeyeaters ('Noisy mynas') and ibises on the dam.
I feel very privileged to enjoy their song and antics.

I still haven't got any fruit (apples, apricots and plums) from my young fruit trees. I had a good crop this year, but just as they were looking ripe enough to pick, the King parrots arrived and had a feast!! I was too late to invest in netting. I'll be set up for next year!

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