Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alex Park; Sunday comp

Maybellene had her first competition outing for some 18 months when Christine and Jeremy's groom, Megan Riley, offered to take her to pick up a couple of scratch rides at the Alexander Park Associate Training dressage day, today.
I was going to 'pencil' for some tests, so it was great to be able to see her.
The weather was fair; scudding showers and overcast, but at least it wasn't too hot.
Megan and Maybellene, both, coped beautifully. In their first test, the Prelim 1B they placed 6th /27 with 61%. Their second test was a little 'smoother' and scored 62.5% for 8th/30.
Very creditable performances in classes where the pros were developing their youngsters.

The photos are from the warm-up as I was involved with other tests when she was in the arena.
The first photo shows Megan riding Maybellene towards Sappho Ranson-Elliott on the grey 2* eventer Bonza Troy (bought from Matt Ryan).
The group photo shows Emma Armstrong warming up on Rogue Trader (by Regardez-Moi) on the left, Jeremy Janjic on Kaludah Ribbon (another by Regardez-Moi) in the background,and Megan and Maybellene (M&M!) on the right.
The competition is really "hot"!
I caught some lovely 'uphill'work in trot and canter in the others.

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