Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scone Dressage

The North Kaludah team took 7 horses up the valley to Scone today. I had a 4:30am start to collect Maybellene to float her up for Megan to ride. Jeremy rode 3 horses in 2 tests each from Prelim to Prix St George, Christine had 2 horses at Prix St George and Grand Prix level, and the "girls" had 2 tests each; Megan had her second competition with Maybellene doing a Prelim and her first Novice test, and Alex likewise had 2 tests on 'Gary'(by Brae Galaxy).

The warm-up gave the young horses their first experience of golf carts and buggies on the adjoining golf links, so leg-yielding towards a white buggy coming out of the trees was a new trick(!!) but everyone coped well.

Maybellene got lots of nice comments in her new white warm-up boots. She and Megan did their first (for both) Novice test in the morning; the first half was a little uneven, but the halt at A was super and the second half of the test looked lovely. After a 3 hour break, the pair warmed up for the Prelim and looked very smooth and 'round' throughout. The test results weren't posted by the time I had to leave so I'll have to find them out tomorrow.

All up, a lovely day out; sunny to start and hot enough for jackets to be deemed optional (many rode with jackets on and perspired profusely!), then overcast with a light breeze. Great experience for the developing partnership(s).
Roll on Hunter Valley DA in a fortnight!

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