Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Judging stress

Was roped into dressage judging a Newcomer's class at Denman One Day Event last weekend. Two lovely sunny winter days followed a foggy start on Saturday. A great roll up and a very friendly, beautifully organised event. President, Winks Armstrong, and Technical Delegate Sue Gunn have put together a great addition to the Eventing Calendar. They had a great band of supporters to cater for judges, volunteers and riders in the best of country hospitality tradition.

Loved catching up with fellow ex-riders, and current rider-friends. Miranda Moore had a great first outing on her new mare "Rosemount Adele", and "Bols" Armstrong gave two youngsters a great run.
Emma was in Sydney riding/presenting 'babies'at "Auction of the Stars" .

Didn't have time to catch up with Jeremy and Maybellene, but took the coats off the mob at home on sunny Sunday, to give them a dash of sunlight and check their coats &c. Cloud & Laddie instantly got stuck into some mutual grooming while the others all lined up for as much grooming-and-socialising as I had time to give!
Coats back on as the evening chill set in!

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