Saturday, June 11, 2011

Power shift

The Boyz have Upped the ante!
Not quite sure how it's happened! Perhaps Cloud is 'backing off', being protective of her fragile status!!??
Anyway,there's been a turn-around in the pecking order at feed time. All four have a biscuit of lucerne hay to occupy them and curb their impatience while I get their hard feeds ready, then I feed individual feeds in the order they decide! The order used to be: Cloud, Laddie, Victor-with-Harry, then Harry himself! One day I came back from work at the end of the day and had Victor and Harry lining up in Cloud/Laddie's old spot, so the New Order is Victor, Harry, then Cloud and Lad!

Tonight, Harry decided to Bags 2 bins!!

These are mine! You get your own!!

Funny boy! He ate all his food with his hind legs stationed in an empty bin!!

Cloud went to the next paddock for hers, and Laddie retired to the Yard, solo!

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