Saturday, July 2, 2011

Scone Dressage Championships

Up at 3am this morning to collect Maybellene to float to Scone Dressage championships. Jeremy had a truck full of four North Kaludah horses and Christine had another couple in a float; so a huge day for four riders..and a tiring day for YT at the end of a work week meeting deadlines before school holidays. No worry; I should sleep tonight!!
Maybellene is working her little sock off (she only has 1) but looks a real Novice in this company. Huge Novice classes ran all day; the 2D won by Heath Ryan on a newly imported Figo (by Florestan?)with Christine doing well with Jeronimo (JivexSalute) and K. Rockefeller (Regardez MOi)
Maybellene is being ridden in a more 'up' frame and is showing a bit of 'tension' as she adjusts to new expectations.

The day stayed chill and misty-overcast till about 11am, which was real Highlands weather, but my wet feet had a chance to dry out when the sun came through just in time for M's second test. I had 40-WInks to ensure I could stay awake on the drive home, and brought Herself back to her home paddock ahead of the still-competing mob.

It will be good to catch up with all the horses over the next couple of weeks of holidays!

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