Sunday, July 31, 2011

SIEC weekend

Went down to SIEC today as a jump judge. Had a great day in the sun. No major dramas on course; 2 refusals on an element of the Double I was supervising at 2* level, one 'miss' and a re-present at 3* and 2 eliminations at Prelim level as the riders completely ignored my fence.

Nice to see a new batch of young riders coming through the ranks. Some nice horses. Quite a lot of the 2* horses seemed to be jumping by Morse code...tapping heavily as they thumped through the solid jumps; will need some good "icing" to minimise bruising...these the heavier types which looked rather over-conditioned (to put it politely).

I took the opportunity to test my camera and see if I could catch a horse over a fence...some OK as you can see by the photos.

I was on Fence 4: it rode as a combination with Upright part B for 2Star, but Skinny Brush as Part B for 3 Star. The majority of horse-rider combinations "locked on" to the problem without any questions....evidence of very sound preparation!

Not a Saddlebred in sight..unfortunately!!...though there were a couple of Paeon look-alikes at Prelim level which had me excited!

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