Saturday, September 3, 2011

Maybellene deserves her break!

Over the last three weeks Maybellene has really got her head around Jeremy's plans! He's been developing her responsiveness to his leg aids over the last few months and progressing his "asks" for 'More' flexion in leg yielding, 'More' stepping across in half-pass in trot and canter, stepping 'More' under in travers and renvers, maintaining rhythm in canter in 'more' smaller circles. Initially everything was foreign to her and it was all pushing the boundaries of her physical capabilities, but the exercises have been building her flexibility and musculature and it's all becoming easy. She now really understands what Jeremy is asking of her and is looking relaxed in her work..even the hard bits! She's at a stage where she can take a break for a few weeks and then go back to work mentally refreshed without a significant drop in her level of fitness. I brought her home after today's work: the mob were so excited to check out the newcomer in the horsefloat and she called out to them from the gate as I drove in. (Wish I'd had a video running!) So she's catching up with Cloud and Gracie in one paddock while the Boys are confined to their own domain.

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