Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One step at a Time: Step one!

The "teenagers" have been itching for action increasingly in the last month! Laddie (3y.o.) has been becoming increasingly irked by Harry's (5y.o.) assumption of dominance and has been testing the boundaries.
The feeding pecking order of Victor first then Harry, then Lad has been 'fraying at the seams' as Laddie stands his ground for longer each day,and Harry has to exert himself more (swinging the quarters, kicking towards Lad) to maintain his Number 2 position. It's only an issue at feed time; they 'arm-wrestle' normally about twice a day, just for exercise/fun!
Victor just assumes he's Mr Tough, and Harry concurs (no argument; after all they're 'Mates'!) so it's the young uns that have an issue!

So, Today they're off to work. Cessnock Horse Transport were incredibly obliging by arriving before 7am, to allow me to get to work on time! I'd organised for colleagues to cover for me if I was late...if the boyz were not cooperative....but I needn't have worried! Loaded Laddie first, his 3rd truck ride so he's a Pro now; walked straight on...despite Col's misgivings about "dumb-bloods". My explanation of 1/4 Saddlebred was "proof of the pudding" of intelligence; mind you, his Warmblood genetics are all brains and performance!! (World Champions Mai Sheriff and Gullit)
Then I led up Harry, with no prior experience with me loading him, but a couple of trucking experiences on the trip from Canyonleigh to the Hunter. What a beauty!

Straight on the truck and the boyz were up and away within 15 minutes!! How great is that!!

I followed them to North Kaludah and Megan took Harry while I led Lad to his yard. Well-mannered at that end of the trip as well, so another 'deep breath taken'!

With youngsters, every positive experience is a 'box ticked off', giving feedback about how they cope, and their attitude to change and challenges.

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