Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fit and trim

Harry and Laddie are back from 4 weeks of work with Jeremy.
Both made good progress and are looking very fit and trim in their summer-ish coats.

Quite different characters; Laddie is very confident and benefited from Jeremy's experience in giving him a challenge, allowing him to get his head around it and then find the next stage easy.
Harry has been much longer out of work since being started as a 2-and-a-half-year old, so he's not so confident, and will benefit from another short stint in work in January/February to allow him to consolidate his lessons in working calmly into the bridle, off the rider's leg aids. Very quick thinking, like all Saddlebreds.

Funny to watch Laddie get his head around the notion of "working"! He has a very rhythmic, natural trot stride which he can carry on with ad infinitum on the longe, and needs to be pushed into a canter...which has the same rhythm and sustainability. He was perfectly happy 'bludging along' with these paces and looking very acceptable. When asked to bend around the rider's inside leg and take the outside rein through a corner, his mind had to click into gear to adapt to a new ask. Once he got the message, his frame changed, and he really started to work with understanding! He clicked into thinking mode!! and made really fine progress!

Both can do with some 'down time' now, to grow again and get their heads around that experience.

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