Saturday, November 5, 2011

When Harry met Maybel

Farrier came midweek and trimmed all and removed Maybellene's front shoes. Just in time for Victor to float (no fuss!) off to work with Jeremy, and allow Maybellene to (safely)meet Harry for the first time. Lots of prancing and posturing and a few squeals from Maybellene as she shielded her best mate, CLoud, from her half-brother Harry. He was super cool, stood his ground and didn't he may indeed be tough enough to become an eventer somewhere down the track! Galahad and Gracie kept out of the way, very diplomatically, until one Act in the drama when Maybel decided to collect her girlfriends for a tour of the place. Cloud and Gracie spent the evening separated from the rest, while Maybellene queened it over the boys. I hope Cloud can settle down to a new role as first-time mum in the next few weeks. Lots of calling out at the moment, as Cloud and Maybel keep up a long distance conversation!!

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