Monday, December 26, 2011

Work in Progress

Xmas greetings from North Kaludah: shown above is Jeremy Santa entertaining the crowd
 on Tashkent Friesian's Django of Cacherel dressed with red nose, antlers and jingle bells.

With Jeremy back from competing at the Victorian Dressage Championships just before Christmas, I took Victor and Maybellene back to work at North Kaludah.I floated them separately just to be on the safe side, doing the loading etc. solo, and both loaded and travelled with ease. Took Victor first, and Maybellene then couldn't wait to "dive" onto the float and urge me to get going. Thought she had to be missing out on something as her half-brother had headed off ahead of her!
Jeremy got straight on for her first ride in 15 weeks (!) and she behaved as if she was just picking up from the previous day!!
Most impressive!
These Saddlebreds don't forget a thing and love progressing with their learning.
Victor, also, has stepped up to the mark. He has now had some 3 weeks dressage training and is working happily into a contact on the bit, responding with increasing understanding of his rider's leg aids, though he hasn't previously been asked for such flexion. He's absorbing his lessons like the proverbial sponge, as well!!

Oh, to win the Lottery!! My Christmas gift scratchies didn't help!

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