Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Momentus Life

Cloud gave birth to her first foal in the early hours of Friday morning. A strapping tall golden boy. She was not fussed about feeding him so I had to give her some Bute for pain relief, but he was very persistent and they both seemed to get the hang of it on the Friday. I was advised to lock her up in the stable so she could get used to the idea of staying around and waiting for him.
Didn't drink much overnight Friday, so I had to put her in the crush, restrain her and get some milk to get him started again.  Cloud was frantic to be with her boy, so eventually jumped out of the crush to get to him. Just as I was about to give up on her, she stood alongside a fence and he was allowed to get a proper drink. She needed reassurance that it wasn't going to hurt, so I supervised a few feeds over the next couple of hours and then checked that they were managing by themselves. So Saturday morning things were looking up again. He was lying down a bit in the afternoon, but I figured it was probably just the heat (38 degrees or so) but by 3pm he was obviously becoming unresponsive, and had wet himself substantially. The vet came (after dealing with a couple of dogs bitten by snakes!) and took blood tests, rehydrated him, gave him antibiotics and said it appeared to be a ruptured bladder from the birthing process, not uncommon in colt foals. Urine was leaking into the abdomen and he would test the blood in the lab overnight for the presence of urea, which would contibute to his septic state. A surgical repair could be done today..but he didn't make it through the night.
Poor little blighter!! He was truly beautiful.

I'd been waiting for him for the last three years as Gracie, Cloud's mum, had two full term "phantom pregnancies" to Brae Galaxy, before Cloud was sent for the return service. Di and Tony, (Brae's owners) are very disappointed as well as he appeared to be 'the real deal'. Caramel colour, full white blaze, 4 white stockings, very friendly, and tall! He was buried this morning in my front yard alongside my foundation mare Kalarama Penny (31y.o.) and riding partner, Sutton's Jean Pierre (lymphosarcoma at 25 y.o.)

Cloud is back with the mob, taking over the boss position, with Galahad at her side. (Wonder if she knows he 's Galatticus' brother.) It took some management to get Atticus out of her paddock and out of sight, this morning, but then she settled with Gracie and Laddie and is now relishing the frreedom of racing around and kicking her heels up like a young filly again! She was calling out a bit this morning, but the distraction of being with the mob again, rather than in isolation, has got her back in a familiar role.

Probably wonders what "that" was all about.
He was here but for a fleeting moment, but has made an impact.
RIP Galatticus!


  1. I know you've been waiting for him for so long, sorry he was with you such a short time. He looked stunning.

  2. My thoughts are with you Marg - he was such a lovely looking boy :-(