Friday, January 20, 2012

What's new?

Brought Maybellene home for a 10day break whilst Jeremy's away competing with the North Kaludah team at Boneo Park Dressage Festival.
She was keen to get on the float, but let me know very definitely that she was expecting a bit more excitement when I took her off the float at home and put her in the paddock with Cloud and Laddie. Sure she was pleased to see them...but kept coming up to the fence and calling out to me..for more!?? Must have been expecting to go to a competition!! (Hopefully Singleton championships mid February.)
Anyway..there was some excitement, which the dogs picked up on, as the horses galloped up to the front fence and stared fixedly at something 'over there'. The neighbour over the road had brought 2 llamas to crop his yard and they'd come up to the front fence.

Not sure who looked more alert/llama-esque?

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