Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CRASH!!! Tackle!!

Is this relationship with horses a challenge....or not!!!
Maybellene's trainer,and my long-time reality-check trainer (along with breaker/trainer-partner Jeremy Janjic) Christine Crawford, has just experienced a heart-stopper! And I'm at a loss as to what to say to her!!! Her Regardez-Moi son gelding, Kaludah Renoir, (aka "Donkey"), a magnificent black Dressage star partner, competing Prix St George, has just succumbed to colic on the operating table.
Christine and DOnkey were a "beautiful" pair, aiming for the London Olympics in 2012.Years of training and an empathy achieved only due to the talent of the horse, the empathy and skill of the rider, and the investment of tons of humility and hard work in training with the best trainers in the world!!!
Must be devastating to lose such a partner!!!
I'm soooooo! sorry, Christine!
Words cannot express my appreciation of your loss!!

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