Monday, May 10, 2010

SIEC eventing start

What a start! At the weekend of World Cups, at SIEC, May 8-10, Bloomsbury's May Ssandro got his first eventing start at Preliminary level with new owner Matthew Anderson. He's had two Introductory starts: 8th out of 32 at Berrima at the end of March and then 4th of 24 at Silverhills.
I had a great day acting as a volunteer for the 3-Day event on the Saturday Cross-country. Chugging around the 2* course in a chauffered buggy at the beginning of the day, collecting score sheets, chatting to Megan Jones about her 2* horse's worry at jumping a brush fence into the sun, ending the day coordinating the radio on-course reporting of the Pre-Novice and Preliminary Events....and witnessing Ssandro's performance as he galloped, beautifully, past the Control tent.
Someone "up there" was definitely "looking out for me" It couldn't have been a better day!!!
Unless he'd won,I guess!!
Haven't yet seen the overall results, but a couple of baulks at the Bogie Fence 15, mirrored the overall reaction to the course,...on the most beautiful, crisp autumn day you could ever ask for!!!

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