Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trooper Pan

I floated Pan over to Ryan's at Heatherbrae on Monday evening; my first effort at managing without a back-up for loading, and only his second time on a float (previously trucked...happily);he was brilliant! Straight on, no fuss.Left him with Emma Armstrong, his new, eventing, partner. Went back to see him on Wednesday and witnessed Emma's second ride.
Jeremy has every reason to be proud of him! He'd had 7-and-a-half months off work, since I brought him home at the end of September (for me, for my hip operations!) and he went straight back to work, in a much more pressured environment, without batting an eyelid. Just confirms Jeremy's recognition that these Saddlebreds don't forget a thing.
He's kept fit enough chasing Laddie and Cloud, and has a good eye from managing to coexist with a mob in the paddocks at home. So...when he was cross-tied for the first time, to wait for his turn to problem! When he was ridden in an indoor arena, alongside a 'breaker' on the lunge, and three other, advanced dressage horses (and stallions), he focussed on the job and was beautifully accurate weaving in and out of horses coming towards him, with novel mirrors on two sides...really listening and working for Emma.
Honestl;y, I couldn't have been prouder!!! This was second day in work after months and months in the paddock!! He is just REally wanting to work!!
Today, 2 rides later, I caught up again, and Emma is just progressing his training; asking for more flexion off the leg, and he's already showing some 'adjustable' trot. AND she says he's comfortable.
He's showed some huge, snorty presence 'in hand'(but I'd forewarned Em that he would 'Show', but 'do nothing', so she was just amazed at the high trot action and amused, and then he was his "soft" self immediately.
A great start!
The photos show him lined up with the other "troops in cross-ties outside the arena, after his workout. Looks like an old-hand already.

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