Saturday, June 19, 2010

Paeon's first outing

Paeon had his first ever excursion today.Trucked, with three other 4 year olds, to Maitland Showground jump club. The intention was to have 2 or 3 training rounds, but the day turned out to be a 'competition day', to make up for one postponed due to wet weather. So the youngsters just had the opportunity to warm up surrounded by lots of other horses, and experience the arena, lots of unfamiliar jumps, start bell, wait time, etcetera and have one jump round.

Amazing coincidence: Emma took Pan to the edge of the jumping rink so as to get her eye around the order of jumps on the course, and who should be in the ring at the time??? None other than my friend Miranda Moore, with her new young horse, so Pan's first view of a competition round was of Miranda!!

Pan acquitted himself well; very "lookey" over the first three jumps, but settled into stride smoothly and even handled a 2-stride vertical to oxer combination.
Looks like he really enjoys it and Emma was amazed at how well he coped! She enjoyed him!!!

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