Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yellow saga

The tractor works!! At least, it did yesterday!
The genie Dylan materialised with a battery and some jumper leads and some mechanical nous and got it going!! So I spent a couple of hours chain harrowing the back paddock while he felled a dead tree and chopped it up for firewood.
It hasn't held the charge overnight, but I know it works and he's vowed to "keep in touch" to maintain it. (In another six months???)
Ken has put the battery on a slow-overnight-charger, so we'll see tomorrow if that works or I need to buy a new battery. (It's a 2nd hand battery apparently, because the 'new one on order didn't come in')
I think the saga of the tractor may have reached some sort of ending.

Meanwhile, the mob enjoyed the dry weather today but it was too cold to consider leaving the rugs off for a while. I'll have to check them tomorrow , though, as it looks like Laddie may be growing out of his.

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