Saturday, June 5, 2010


The saga of the yellow tractor inches forward: I started this blog some 10 months ago, recording my suspicions tht the new ride-on mower tractor I'd bought was in fact a 'lemon'. I'd purchased it, courtesy of Rocco, so that the girls who were helping me when I went into hospital would have a reliable feed carrier. The engine blew up some 3 days after I'd bought it! But it was under warranty, albeit 'on a handshake'. Sure enough, the seller took it away to rebuild the engine. I got it back about 3 months later, just before my second surgery in December. It ran for about half an hour then stopped. The mechanic/seller came back, said it needed running in and the battery needed replacing; he removed the back tyres to bring me some more heavy duty ones for the paddock. That was in December! He came back last Sunday and put tyres back on, but the new battery was due to be delivered to him this Wednesday. He hasn't been back this weekend. The saga continues' long running, but little action.

I was hoping to see Paeon jumping at his first outing today, but though Saturday and Sunday have been rain free, the Maitland showground was considered too saturated to allow the event, so it was cancelled. So I took his new rug over to Heatherbrae; the Combat canvas/wool which I use at home is fine in the paddock where there is plenty of tree cover and a stable, but it isn't water-proof enough in an open paddock, so he scored a new Weatherbeeta, and new jump boots, today. He was very happy to see me, totally 'sooky'; I think he liked the new rug which replaced one loaned by Heath and Rozzie.
Heath filled me in on his progress; he'd had another jumping lesson on Thursday evening and is coping well. Interestingly, Heath says it's not what he's doing, that's very interesting, but what he's "not" doing. Lots of exercises trotting over poles to consolidate paces into jumps, and it's usual for horses to get careless and tap/roll a few. He didn't touch any!!!!a point to be noted by the professionals.
No photos of Paeon jumping as yet, but I've posted a couple of Gracie as she progresses towards an August foaling date, alongside young Galahad trying to smooch!

Late news from Rocco: Kaden Weaver rode for Lisa in a Novice Rider class at Rubicon Horse Trials yesterday and they finished on their dressage score, 4th out of 18! Well done boys!!!

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