Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jumping lines

Great to see another Saddlebred making an entree on the eventing scene.
And from predictable jumping lines!!
Spotted at Canberra ODE: Leigh Nelson with Logan, (registered Wildmoor's Pre-ordained) in the Newcomers A class, coming in clear cross-country and S-J.
He has Peppermint Valley Commander and Goldmount Challenger predominant in his breeding.
By Canyonleigh Hail to Glory ...by Pep V.C. x Sutton's Grand Glory(fr.Penny West)
out of Wildmoor's Moonlight Invasion...by S.Moonshine x S.Centennial Destiny
(Kal.Penny..G.CHallengerxPenny West)

That jumping "eye" is strongly heritable through the Pep/Challenger/KalaramaPenny/Penny West influence.
Notable jumpers:Goldmount Challenger,
son Sutton's Spirit of '76
daughter Kalarama Penny out of Penny West
her son Bloomsbury's Top Cat by Canyonleigh Jubilation
by Pep V.c.
her daughter's son ; Canyonleigh Sirecho by C. Echo Comm
by Pep V.C.
Canyonleigh Paeon, (Pep/Penny West bloodlines)
and now "Logan".

Best wishes to another potential "addict" on the eventing scene!

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