Monday, May 2, 2011

Boyz Sport!

Four weeks after their arrival and the new boys have really settled in. The 3 boys have been paddocked together for a week now. They've endured a thoroughly wet week and have donned their winter rugs. And the young blokes are up for a rumble!!
I haven't seen 2 year old Laddie play like this until now!
He's chased the older girls, and Paeon, in short bursts, but has been perfectly happy to back down to his elders.
On Sunday, as the rain kept away,Laddy (2)and Harry (5) decided to get stuck into some serious play!! Some niceties at the beginning, ducking and weaving to try to upend each other, rearing and pushing, then some serious chasing, racing, snorting..and finally..drinks!! at the water trough.
Laddie showed some "cow" tendencies, rounding Harry up, getting his head in front and leaning across in front of him to turn him, but Harry could stop on the spot, wheel and dash off ahead, pulling out some serious acceleration when needed.
I think Harry's presence is teaching Laddie some manouverability he might not have developed without this play!
Great to watch!
And throughout the 15 minute game, Victor held his ground and continued to eat, completely uninterested in such adolescent behaviour!!

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