Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Memphis Belle offspring

The above are all offspring of the bay American Saddlebred mare Canyonleigh Memphis Belle (now deceased).
Canyonleigh Victorious is a 10y.o. chestnut gelding by C. Bigshot;
Bloomsbury's Maybellene is a black 6 y.o. mare by the famed Richmeed Medallion;
Bloomsbury's Mai Ssandro is a black 8y.o. gelding by R. Medallion (full bro. to Mayb)
Bloomsbury's Sir Galahad is a brown/black 2y.o. gelding by Brae Galaxy x B.Maybellene
Canyonleigh Olympic Chaser is a palomino 5 y.o. gelding by C. Cloudchaser x Belle Olympia (daughter of Memphis Belle.

Temperament and style are super. The colour variation is interesting..from a bay mare,(Memphis Belle), the sires affected the colour. Bigshot = chestnut, Medallion = black; Brae Galaxy = chestnut but dam's sire, Biathlon, was black; Cloudchaser = palomino.
(Photos courtesy Terry Inkson)

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