Sunday, April 3, 2011

Maybellene at SDA

Beautiful sunny day today for Singleton Dressage competition; just the best weather for my sister Andy to visit and catch up on M&M's progress.

Megan had 2 tests on Maybellene, a Prelim in the morning and a Novice mid afternoon.
The pair worked beautifully today.
Christine has been teaching Megan to 'communicate' more, with a young horse and it was exciting to see both partners working for a test result. The fields were very big; there were 30 in the Prelim class with a winning score of 62%, so M&M's 58.8% had her placed 6th.
Another large class in the Novice and again the pair drew comments. "Very sweet; lovely paces"! The scores weren't available by the time we left, but it was a good test, so Maybellene got heaps of pats , and some sugar cubes as reward.
She enjoys her outings and takes everything in her stride.

Many thanks to the North Kaludah team, coach Christine, trainer-coach Jeremy, Sharon Leppien and Alex and Georgia, and Kathryn Crofts for the support calling the test.

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