Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shifting dynamics

Harry and Victor are proving to be very "thoughtful" in the way they're adapting to their new situation.

Kept separate from Cloud and Laddie for the first couple of days, they had the opportunity to check out their new paddocks and get used to the noise and activity of a suburban environment after the quiet, space and broader herd experience of a country property, Canyonleigh Stud, south of Moss Vale.
When they were allowed into the same paddock, it was Cloud who looked to be dominant, making a bit of a charge at the newbies, but when Harry stood his ground (protecting the older, smaller, Victor), Cloud backed off, and, miffed, headed off into her own space, with Laddie in tow.
So it's virtually been Laddie sticking close to Cloud and Victor pairing up with Harry.
I'm feeding them separately and closing them in separate paddocks every other night to ensure the new boys can relax and sleep a bit better.
The new boys both have a good 'eye' for 'personal space' and safe passing distance; augurs well for eventing (!!).
From day to day they're venturing further apart from each other and closer to the 'residents'.
Interesting to see, in the photo above, the similarity between the Cloudchaser brother and sister (Cloud and Harry)...
and also the way Cloud orchestrated a friendly move, on the 'safe' side of 'unflappable' Laddie, touching noses with Harry, with Victor tucked in behind him.

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