Thursday, April 14, 2011


Day 11 after the Boyz arrival! and they're relaxing into their surroundings at last!! Just after dusk the dogs alerted me to some commotion in the paddocks, I'd have needed an Infr-red camera to capture it ,unfortunately, but there were the BIG 4cavorting in their glory!! doing the evening "burn", tails flagging madly...Harry and Victor at an extravagant 90 degrees, Cloud at 80degrees, and Laddie at about 45!!(but his paces were absolutely "afloat" and made up for the difference!!)
Cloud and Laddie went 'the full hog' around the complete extremeties, whilst Harry and Victor confined themselves to the back paddock.
Cloud and Laddie have a 'bit of condition' on, and haven't been very active since the Boyz arrived, so they were really puffing...camouflaged with the Saddlebred "snort"...rather ineffectively!
Lots of Snorting: times 4!!! Quite an impact on the environment!

Day 12, today..and Cloud left Laddie to cope alone with Harry and Victor in the front paddock while she kept a judicious eye on the machinations from the buffer lane. Then H & V were relaxed and brave enough to remain in the 'upper' paddock to join the other two for afternoon tea! Hay all round!

Then all fiendly and relaxed this evening.
Great guys!

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