Friday, April 1, 2011

New Boyz on the Blok!

Harry and Victor arrived at the crack of dawn this morning.
Many thanks to John from Jackaroo Horse Transport who over-nighted at Cessnock and got up to load the guys before daylight in order to get to me at 7am so I could leave for work before 8!
The boys cooperated, too. Harry(the pally) had never before left the farm and he walked straight out of the paddock onto the truck on Thursday afternoon, was loathe to leave the safety of the truck to change carriers in Sydney, offloaded in Cessnock in the dark and then loaded by the light of the truck lights this morning. No wonder he was happy to unload here this morning. Victor knew more about it all and was a little more questioning of the process, but both boys are happy, eating well tonight, in their new paddock.
Very pretty, friendly boyz!!
Cloud and Laddie can't wait to be up more 'close and personal' than rubbing noses!


  1. ahhh can't wait to meet them.

  2. Victor is sooo Big Shot! Canyonleigh breed such beautiful horses.

  3. He is verryy Pretty!! And dances up to the fence to check out what's happening whenever I venture outside. A real Show Horse!
    Harry is taller, and not 'dainty' like Victor, but he'll be striking too when he fills in to himself!