Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grooming business

The sun's out today and the rain looks like staying away for at least 24 hours, so I took the opportunity to take all rugs off. The mob instantly split into pairs for the serious business of mutual grooming, getting at all those places which must have been hiding under the rugs.
Maybellene was dislodging handfalls of thick white coat on Cloud's rump, while Cloud was attending to that spot just behind Maybel's wither!
Pan found clumps of coat near Laddie's wither, but Laddie mustn't have been finding all the right spots, as Pan went for a tree-rub for his neck/shoulder, and sought out a sapling to scratch his belly!!
Gracie was more placid and ladylike, though she did indulge in a bath in the dam, this time getting Pan to join her for mudpacks. Maybellene got her feet wet this time, but Cloud and Laddie were'nt so fussed about getting wet.

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